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Squiggly Lines BRAIN - Mindful Doodling

Day 2 / 100 : Mindful Doodling of my Squiggly Line BRAIN #The100DayProject #100daysOfBrainPower

How many of you feel like your brain is sometimes a bunch of squiggly lines and all over the place which leaves you feeling overwhelmed? I know for me, once my brain is in that ‘overwhelming’ stage my body starts to feel tense and my pain flares up making me cranky and tired.

One way to untie those squiggly lines is to understand the mind-body connection; the nature of the pain and to discover the ways to manage it. Once you can understand your pain you will gain some knowledge on how to become mindful to better manage your challenging battle.

It may seem surprising how becoming more mindful changes the way your mind reacts to stress, often changing the pain experience. One of my favourite mindful techniques is doodling. We usually do mindless doodling when bored or to pass the time but have you ever thought of using mindful doodling as a way to cope with stress and explore your creativity?

Begin with a blank piece of paper and writing utensil of choice. Draw a standard shape of any kind…. but don’t just draw it to get it done…. really take your time and be mindful of the movement in your hand and the image you see appearing on the paper. Let your hand wander and make additional flowing shapes or lines. Think about letting your breath connect with your drawing hand and notice what happens. Doodle for at least 3 minutes and let your mind be free without thinking about anything. Be mindful of what you are drawing. Really stay connected to it visually and get lost in your design as your mind allows.

What did you notice about your thoughts? How did it make you feel? Did those squiggly lines untie for you?


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