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Zoom Away Pain Thoughts

Day 3 / 100 of #100daysOfBrainPower #The100DayProject

There is a trick your mind can play that you should be aware of. In the face of thoughts like “I am a person who has chronic pain” your mind might offer you the solution of simply not thinking about it. This is something people with chronic pain tend to do quite a lot. Because the pain persists and because you so badly want to be rid of it, you’ll be tempted to try to put it out of your mind. But once you learn to notice your thoughts, you can choose to react in new ways.

Once simple technique is the ability to watch your pain thoughts come and go without attaching yourself to them. For example, let’s say you had the thought “I hate this stupid pain.” Mentally paint those words on the side of a car and watch it disappear down the street with the words attached.🚙 Watch your thoughts come up and simply zoom away instead of continuing to think about the pain all the time. Pain shouldn’t define who you are. Allowing yourself to recognize the thought, accept it as is then move on without that thought sticking to you and taking charge of them can be a powerful way to cope with less suffering.

What is your powerful thought that helps you?


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