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Noodle Brain

Day 4 / 100: Noodle Brain #the100dayproject #100daysOfBrain Power

Do you ever feel like you have a noodle brain on certain days? All twined together with a thousand things on your mind? Today is one of those days for me. While I prepare and get ready for my daughter’s birthday, my mind is all over the place, doing this and that…yep…I feel like I am forgetting everything yet doing a million things. I’ve realized that its ok to have a noodle brain…there will be days like this. So, the best thing to do is be kind to yourself and engage in acceptance of your noodle brain. Openly embrace your crazy moments and challenging situations. It is part of your experience of life. But how you deal with it counts. You can either laugh at those noodle moments or allow it to consume your thoughts into a spiral downhill.

Remember tomorrow will be a better day and your noodle brain will go back to being solid again…that is the POWER of your awesome BRAIN!!! Each day offers you new opportunities!

What has been some of your noodle brain moments?


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