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Getting Some Shut Eye!

Day 10 / 100: Get Some Shut Eye! #the100dayproject #100daysOfBrainPower

Poor sleep and interruptions in sleep can drastically decrease your energy levels and your ability to function. For years this has been troublesome and a tug-of-war of frustration for me. My brain just won’t settle at night and the effects of Fibromyalgia doesn’t help.

Sleep interference and anxiety over not getting a restful night’s sleep are major problems for people in pain. People who have chronic pain often have both challenges with insomnia and excessive daytime sleepiness. Chronic pain contributes to sleep problems such as: being awakened by the pain, medications, decreased daytime activity, inconsistency in schedules and routines, weight gain and problems with moods.

Sleep is an essential aspect of health. Good sleep routines often play a major role in effective pain management. Therefore, developing a consistent sleep routine, cultivating relaxation and having a comfortable environment are major self-management pain strategies. 💤

Some techniques are: 1) Building a healthy bedtime routine. Try not to read, watch TV, or play with electronics. Don’t use your bed anything but sleep (and sex). Set up your alarm and get up at the same time each morning no matter how tired you are. And try to go to sleep at the same time every night as well. 2) Foster relaxation. Take 15-30mins each night before you try to sleep to relax either by some deep breathing, meditating, praying or listening to soothing music to calm you down. 3)Create a comfortable sleep environment. Where you sleep can affect the quality and duration of your sleep. A good pillow, a good mattress and a dark quiet room are necessities. Also, white-noise machines or peaceful sounds can help relax your mind and body and be more comfortable for a good night’s rest.


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