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Beating Stress

Day 17 / 100: Beating Stress #the100dayproject #100daysOfBrainPower

When stress and pressure hits, all energy and good feelings can go out the window. Your brain takes a beating when anxiety gets out of hand. The best way to manage stress is to build good healthy habits so you can respond to stress positively, even when you’re too stressed to think.

Here’s how stress impacts your noggin: Long-term stress activates harmful processes in your brain that can negatively affect both your short-term focus and your long-term mental health. Other effects of stress include: your brain doesn’t learn as well, you have a greater risk of stroke, you have a higher depression risk and you brain can actually shrink – a lower brain volume can lead to impaired learning and memory functions. 😣😳

All in all, stress is bad news for your brain. But it’s still possible to manage your stress in an effort to keep your brain healthy and happy. In fact, it might be easier than you think.

Here are a few good tips to ease and handle your stress better: Know when your stressed. Watch for signs of stress and learn to identify the factors that cause it. If you feel stress, write down the problem, talk it through with other people and map your skills and resources to make overwhelming tasks seem less overwhelming. Engaging in stress-reduction techniques like meditation and regular exercise can help, as well as maintaining a supportive social network. Get some shut eye. Sleep deprivation elevate stress hormones and can have a negative impact on the brain.

Understanding stress and its effects on your brain can help you protect yourself. In a very busy world where stress is the norm rather than the exception, it's important you seek to mitigate stress using any technique that works for you. Your brain manages all of your bodily functions, so it's important you protect it.


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