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Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Day 19 / 100: Let Your Imagination Run Wild #the100dayprojectet #100daysOfBrainPower

There are many things that can help boost your brain power. 🧠Imagination is at the top of the list of importance. Our imagination allows us to do more than just daydream. It sparks new ideas and helps us visualize what we want to be in the future as we set out to achieve goals in life.💫 Our imagination has access to memories and able to perceive patterns and solve problems that our conscious thinking often can’t. It’s thought that imagination involves a network that helps share information across different regions of the brain. These different regions all work together to form mental images in our head.

Try bringing your imagination more into your everyday thinking. Take a little bit of time to unwind and let your thoughts naturally arrange themselves until you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Close your eyes😌 if you can, then let your mind transport you to somewhere you feel calm. Harness the thoughts that naturally enter your mind to then mentally adapt them into a story or picture in your head. Think of somewhere peaceful.You might choose a memory of somewhere you’ve been or a place you have imagined. Think about details of this place. What does it look like? What kind of colours and shapes can you see? Can you hear any sounds? Is it warm or cool?

Let your imagination run wild! It will set you on your way to getting where you want to go.


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