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Are You A List Person?

Day 24 / 100: Creating Lists #the100dayproject #100daysOfBrainPower

The idea of creating lists makes me sweat!😣 I am not one to write out a list but I should get into the habit of doing so. Maybe it’s because I feel that if I keep a list, it would tie me down to a particular set of tasks and then I would stress about getting to them. But I am improving though now that I have goals to achieve and plan out my daily activities, etc. Plus, I really need to calm my racing mind at night. Why does that always happen? I had all day to think but nope…just when I need sleep…BAM…brain is ready to run a marathon. Hmmmm…another topic for the 100 day project…more to follow on that one…ok back to writing lists.

Our brain loves lists! Writing a to-do list is a mental experience. Even if you first spend some time thinking about the tasks you have to do, the act of creating a list and prioritizing the items on it forces you to do a little extra work and uses parts of your brain that might not normally get used.

Your brain decides which pieces of information to hang onto for later, partly as a result of how much work you do up front. So, the more you mentally manipulate a piece of information the better you’ll remember it. That’s why it’s sometimes surprisingly easy to remember what’s on your to-do list even when you aren’t looking at it.

You can also make a top 100 list that is fun and creative for anything (not just for tasks). This can include a list of skills that you want to learn, places from around the world that you would like to visit, your goals and successes. You may also want to list all of the things that you are grateful for, too!

It makes your brain feel awesome when you complete one of the goals and can move on to the next one!


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