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Writing For Extra Brain Boost Power

Day 26 / 100: Writing for Extra Brain Boost #the100dayproject #100daysOfBrainPower

I can craft up a storm like no one’s business but when it comes to writing I lack the skills in this creative department. I tend to over think and ramble. Writing is another stressor for me. But since doing the 100 day project challenge and having a coaching business with multiple social media platforms, my skills have increased a teeny weeny bit. I seem to be enjoying it now but would rather of course, craft. 😍✂️

Like drawing, the practice of writing can help boost imagination and creativity. It can also stimulate memory and cognition. The act of putting pen to paper can be both relaxing and help stimulate your brain.

The physical act of writing with a pen and paper engages your brain in three different ways. You utilize your fine motor skills to grip the pen and write, your brain works to recall the lines and shapes involved in forming each letter and you see each letter and word as you form it on the brain. There seems to be a connection between the written word and brain stimulation and learning is made easier. Many college professors agree and insist that students take notes by hand rather than on a computer. Taking notes throughout the day also helps you to remember things and map out ideas as they come up.

Another healthy benefit of writing is journaling. Many of us keep a journal to record events of the day, hash our feelings out on paper and to record writing ideas for future use. We know that journaling is meditative and helps us process things that are traumatic, upsetting, stressful or to record our gratitude and joyful moments but the benefits of journaling go much further than that! Did you know that researchers have discovered that journaling increases the strength of T-Lymphocytes? These are immune cells that help your body to fight off infection. How cool is that?

Finally, what better way is there to identify solutions than holding a brain storming session down to get everything on paper? Incorporating writing into your problem-solving efforts doesn’t just improve your ability to solve the problem at hand, it also improves your ability to solve problems in the future.

So, get writing for extra BRAIN POWER!!!📝


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