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Get Your Dance Walking Groove On

Day 30 / 100: Walk This Way #the100dayproject #100daysOfBrainPower

Maybe you take a stroll through your neighbourhood in the evening or along a path through a forest when the day is bright and cheery. Or perhaps you power walk the perimeter of a park. Whatever landscape you walk through, your mood will likely improve by the time you return home.

Doctors tell us walking is good for the heart and philosophers tell us its good for the soul and mind. We know that walking is an antidote for everything from high blood pressure to energizing our bodies. According to Chinese medicine the very act of walking gently massages pressure points on the bottoms of our feet that alleviates depression thus making us feel better.

Walking also allows us to experience the world at a human pace – the pace that fits our stride and allows us to connect with our environment as we go. A connection with your mind, body and spirit. A half hour walk a day, alone or with a friend is all it takes to bring a little more brain power and joy into our lives.

Whether you’re walking across your living room or across town, consciously slow your footsteps and pay attention to each sensation as your heel, the ball of your foot and then your toes make contact with the ground before releasing into your next step. Notice how simple walking relaxes your stride and your breath as your attention settles into the fullness of the movement are you go on your way.

One of my favourites is to have a dance party while walking. Put on your music and skip down the street to a beat. Dance walking puts a song in your heart and gives you that extra brain boost as you move. Let others wonder what has made you so happy or better yet, invite them to join in the fun!

For some awesomesauce inspiration watch this video on the Guru Master of Dance Walking.

Who wants to do this with me?



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