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Its A Colourful World!

Day 31 / 100: Colourful Splendor #the100dayproject #100daysOfBrainPower

Colour is another extraordinary gift that enlightens and surrounds us with an array of energy and emotions. The rainbow hues that surround us each day are a joy to experience. Colour can be a source of inspiration as well as an invitation to admire and delight in the artistic palette of the natural world and our surroundings.

Colours also affect our psychological state of well-being. According to the study of chakras or internal energy centers, each colour of the rainbow is said to have particular energetic healing properties. Becoming conscious of the colour can help you move out of depressing grays and into the Technicolour splendor of your brain power and life.

Also, colour has a big impact on how your brain sees the world. Did you know if you’re looking at sea green or lemon yellow, your brain feels a different emotion to each? It’s because of the impact colour has on the brain which leads to an impact on your feelings and senses.

Here are a few colours and the corresponding impacts they have on the brain: Dark Blue: associated with night, often leads to passivity Blue and Green: calming, is the most preferred colour across cultures and has been found to lower blood pressure which could explain why we feel calmer around nurses and doctors who are wearing light blue scrubs. 💙 Red and Orange: arousing, happiness❤️ Red: our brain associates red with danger but may stimulate excitement and increase the speed and strength of your reactions Pink: interestingly calmed inmates in institutions and mostly associated with baby girls

A couple of colour exercises to help your brain power: The second chakra located at the navel center is an energy center in the body associated with sensual pleasure, happiness and creativity. This chakra is attuned to the colour orange. So, when you need a boost, imagine a ball of sunset orange light coming from the space just behind your belly button. Take several long slow breaths as you imagine the sunset orange glow growing stronger and let the joyful feelings flood.

Nature paints lavishly with the colour green, a colour that is said to be soothing and healing to our soul. Look outside a window or go outside and focus on the green leaves of a tree or green stretch of lawn. Or add potted plants to your garden and indoor environment. Let your gaze go green from time to time and enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating effects. 💚🌳🌿

Try this colour exercise. How well did you do?


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