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Keep a Journal to Explore Your Best Self

Day 32 / 100: Keep a Journal to Explore Your Best Self #the100dayproject #100daysOfBrainPower

Some people have collection of diaries that stand at attention in neat rows on shelves, ticking off the years book by book. Others write in a collection of hardbound artist sketchbooks or whatever blank book they’ve come across. When it comes to keeping a diary or journal commitment to the process is far more important than an attractive cover. The trick is to find a journal writing method that supports your exploration, whether it is a bullet journal or art journal, of the ever-evolving life your living.📓

Over time your journal becomes a guidebook to help your track your experience and learn from them. When you dip back into past volumes you notice patterns, make connections and see meaning in what might otherwise be dimly recalled as a messy tangle of events.

Whether you are an experience journal keeper or you are just testing the waters, picking up a notebook and putting your thoughts on paper can help you deepen your experience on the page and give you more brain power to accomplishing goals and self-reflection.

The most important thing about keeping a journal is to stick with it. Start with a reasonable goal: writing for 10 mins a day for 21 days is a good place to start.

Also, writing or being creative in your journal is like having a conversation with your very best self. So, listen to what you are saying on the page with compassion and curiosity. Receive your own words with love and patience, being present the way you would want to be for your very best friend and the way you’d want him/her to be for you. Do this daily with pasting pictures, sketch a scene, transcribe a quote, or describe in detail a moment of your day that represented joy or gratitude. The best thing is no one is judging you in regards to what your write or create. 💫

Be open minded and have the best journey to your best self!


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