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Do A Tech Check

Day 34 / 100: Do A Tech Check #the100dayproject #100daysOfBrainPower

In today's technology-driven world, it's easy to feel like we are constantly plugged in. Whether we're checking our phones, refreshing our emails or downloading a movie on our laptops. Technology can be great for helping you feel connected but if you’re using it a lot then it can contribute to making you feel busy and stressed. Among the scientific and medical community there is growing evidence that supports the notion of unplugging for better brain function and ultimately, better productivity. 😌

Taking a break to unplug, even a short one, can help you with the following:

Helps with your physical and mental well-being. When people remain plugged in all the time they tend to become less concerned with their physical and mental health and more concerned with what’s going on in the social media world.

Restores interpersonal relationships. If you find yourself checking your emails while at dinner with the family or falling asleep holding your cell phone (yes…I admit I have done this plenty of times), you may be heading for relationship trouble. Take this time to connect with your friends and family, not your device.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Gives your mind time to rest. Just like your body, your overworked brain needs some downtime too. Taking time out of your day to disconnect from all the noise that your workday produces and reducing your use of digital technology before bedtime is vital to brain health.

Lastly, doing a tech check builds brain development. Today, the average person consumes 12 hours of media a day coming from the Internet, TV and radio transmissions. Scientists know that a human brain continues to develop throughout adulthood, therefore over stimulation can lead to brain development problems.

Try turning your phone off for an hour or a whole day if you’re feeling brave…aahhaa…do I hear a challenge!!

Step away from the TV or have an evening where you don’t check emails or social media.

Use the time to relax doing something else such as go outside to enjoy the beauty of nature or out to coffee with a friend to chat, indulge in a romantic cheesy love story or do something creative (i.e. wood working project, paint an abstract picture, have a “freeing” dance party in your living room).

Turn off the devices and turn on your brain!!!


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