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Give Yourself Permission

Day 36 / 100: Give Yourself Permission #the100dayproject #100daysOfBrainPower

I went to an outstanding workshop this evening called Mix Palette Abstract Art hosted by Krista Revel in the Mess. I highly recommend it.

I explored my inner critic in regards to not being so perfect when creating. I learned to just let go with an open mind and giving myself permission to be non-judgmental with my creative expressions.

Our mind is conditioned to ask for permission. But to unlock your full potential you must learn to give yourself permission and become the owner of your life. You are meant to thrive and not stay small and scared because of limiting beliefs or afraid to put yourself out there. You are meant to dive in fully into what this incredible journey has to offer you. When you take complete ownership of your life you are in charge of your life experiences.

Give yourself permission!!!!

Give yourself permission to be yourself. 😊 The first step to being yourself is to accept yourself. It means not only accepting the good parts but also accepting the flaws in you.

Give yourself permission to fail. Failure is not a prerequisite for success but it amplifies the success. By making mistakes you not only learn but you build a character that transforms every other area of your life. Your mindset changes. You embrace success more because of the effort you put in. Gives you that remarkable brain power.

Give yourself permission to succeed. You are capable of accomplishing great things. But first, you must allow yourself to be successful. Some people are afraid of success. You have the power to define your own criteria for success. It could be being having a smile at the end of the day or taking small steps towards your goal.

Give yourself permission to be happy. 😄You deserve to be happy now. You don’t need to wait for the next paycheck, vacation or a soulmate to be happy. So often, we spend our lives thinking about the time in future when we will be happy.

So, if you are stuck in the same old routine and you're looking for a way to shift, it starts with giving yourself permission to be you in every aspect.

What permission do you give yourself?


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