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A Beautiful & Freeing Mess

Day 37 / 100: A Beautiful & Freeing Mess #the100dayproject #100daysOfBrainPower

I struggle with letting go and being messy with certain things. I am a bit OCD when it comes to organizing. So, for me, I can feel messy as much as I want when being creative. It’s my outlet without any restrictions and rules.

One of the biggest pressure that occurs is a kind of attitude and mentality towards making things beautiful, accurate and perfect. What is missing in this approach is spontaneity or playful attitude with regard to materials and the process of being ‘messy’…. throwing ourselves off balance for a time into a freeing situation and venture into territory that you would not normally go. Doing something completely new and different than what you might have done before (outside your comfort zone).

Contemplating and actively participating in imperfection brings us freedom because it allows us to relax and enjoy the ebb and flow of life. Messes can be beneficial in presenting unexpected connections. These often lead to new ideas, explorations, combinations and solutions. A brain power benefit.

I challenge you to get messy by throwing yourself into a place where you have little to no control over the outcome and to work with a variety of materials in an exploratory fashion.

Make messes in different contents by: -movement: getting lost, tripping, walking backwards, throwing -using materials: cutting, dripping, dropping, crushing, decaying, ripping -writing: abolishing grammar and spelling (I already do this naturally 😊) -play: explore the qualities in your environment and with materials all around you

A fun exercise to try: Make a mess quickly without thinking. In one minute you must do ten different things with paper (i.e. break, stretch, tear, crush fold, etc.) …just let go. Ready? 1..2..3..

How did it make you feel?

Remember, an imperfect mess is beautifully perfect!


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