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Socialization is Brain Food

Day 38 / 100: Socialization is Brain Food #the100dayproject #100daysOfBrainPower

Today, I attended an incredible networking event and felt so inspired and energetic that I wanted to jump around and hug every single person. You are probably thinking “That crazy woman…just wanting to randomly hug people…so weird!” But it’s who I am. I just love sharing and making connections and giving them a piece of my energy. After all, we are all connected together by the energy of the universe. 💫

Numerous studies show that our brain fitness is positively impacted by frequent social interactions and that by adding socializing to our daily mix of physical exercise, healthy eating, solid sleep and brain training, our mental sharpness is sure to improve too. Social interaction doesn’t just boost our mood, it feeds our brains.

Did you also know that connecting with people can lower your risk of dementia? Interacting with others boosts feelings of well-being and decreases feelings of depression. More recently, there has been accumulating evidence that people who connect with others generally perform better on tests of memory and other cognitive skills. And, in the long run, people with active social lives are less likely to develop dementia than those who are more socially isolated.

Being surrounded by like-minded people or people who radiate positive energy and share similar interests can be very beneficial to your journey.

Have you ever been to a seminar and felt the energy in the room? Or at a networking event and feel so welcomed without judgement? It is exhilarating. Now imagine having that on a regular basis!

This can be achieved by joining a support or networking group, volunteering or joining a club or start one yourself. Attending regular meetings / meet-ups are great ways to keep you focused and an even better way to socialize and meet people, creating long lasting friendships and connections.

Like-minded people will inspire you, empower you, encourage you to be everything you can be. They will show you ways to make your dreams come true, appreciate your journey and motivate you to find true happiness.

So, get out there, share your shining energy and meet new friends. If you are shy, I will be right beside you every step of the way!


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