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The Future of Your Brain

Day 39 / 100: The Future of Your Brain #100dayproject #100daysOfBrainPower

I recently received a really cool magazine from a great friend of mine which has tons of interesting facts and articles about Brain Power. The article that stood out for me was one on the future of our brain.

Cyborg technology is coming to a brain near you, literally. Bio-engineers have already systematized electric stimulation and implanted computer chips to treat depression and Parkinson’s disease and to help patients communicate with the world. As technology improves, it should enhance healthy brains as well, helping us achieve advanced levels of communication, memory and analytic skill.

A couple of awesome facts from the article:

The military is creating technology to capture activity in the cortex, allowing the brain to communicate seemingly telepathically with computers and other brains.

Learning Pills: In the future, we might be given a “learning pill” to restore the plasticity of the young mind, allowing adults to say, master French accent as precisely as someone native born and raised – a feat thought to be almost impossible after a certain age. Scientist have begun to examine the possibility that genes coding for certain proteins to help neurons form new connection, can be manipulated to turn plasticity up or down. In other words, moving closer to demonstrating how one might create that “learning pill”

Brain Chips: Scientist have already begun to experiment with brain implants that allows quadriplegics to send signals from the brain’s motor cortex to a prosthetic arm and actually move that arm. But in the future, it may be possible to use implantable computer chips to enhance cognition.

The Immortal Mind: The ability to reverse-engineer how neurons encode cognition is key for a final, futuristic goal: uploading the human brain into a machine. A Dutch neuroscientist, hopes this kind of technology will help him reproduce a version of a human brain on a computer, essentially achieving a form of immortality.

But remember, even though this may be soon or way in the future, the best thing to do is keep up with achieving brain health by doing daily exercises for the mind, body and soul.


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